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Knee pain is commonly caused by a sudden injury, an overuse injury, or by an underlying condition, such as arthritis. Treatment will vary depending on the reason for the pain. The indications of knee injury can include pain, swelling, and stiffness as well.

Injuries most often occur during sports activities or recreational works, work-out related tasks, or home projects. However, the knee is the largest joint in the body according to human anatomy. The upper and lower bones of the knee are separated by two discs. The upper leg bone (femur) and the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) are connected to each other by ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

The condition and severity of knee pain symptoms can vary person to person, depending on the cause of the injury. Indication and symptoms that are sometimes responsible for knee pain include:

  • Swelling and stiffness
  • Redness and warmth to the touch
  • Weakness or instability
  • Popping or crunching noises
  • Inability to fully straighten the knee

Salveo Life Sciences is one of the most famous herbal medicine manufacturers of the country that comes up with the remedy for knee pain. Ostranil gel is a polyherbal formulation that is indicated for the management of pain associated with musculoskeletal inflammatory disorder. The aqua base of the medicine provides faster and deeper penetration and also makes it non-sticky and non-staining. Salveo Life Sciences offers unique and safe herbal medicines such as Ostranil gel, capsules, tablets and oils. These can be considered as one of the most effective home remedies for arthritis. The company has the expertise in modern techniques to produce effective and safe herbal medicines.

Available as: Ostranil Gel 30 gms

Dosage:  Massage 3-4 times in a day in the affected area gently followed by hot fomentation.

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